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Womanโ€™s clothes


This emoji is a woman's shirt or blouse, often worn as part of a uniform or as casual attire. Read more

This emoji is commonly used to represent femininity, fashion, or clothing in general. It is popular with all age groups, but is most commonly used by women, teens, and young adults. It is most commonly used on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, but can be found on other social media platforms as well.

This emoji is not considered rude, but rather is seen as a positive representation of femininity and fashion. It has been around since 2010 and has been used to represent a variety of different things, from clothing to femininity to fashion. It is also often used in combination with other emojis to create a more detailed message.

Alias: womans_clothes
Category: Objects
Hex: 1f45a
Womanโ€™s clothes Womanโ€™s clothes