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White square button


This emoji is a white square with a thick black border, representing a solid shape. It can be used to represent stability, strength, and reliability. Read more

This emoji is not very popular and is not used often on social media. It is most likely to be used by older generations of social media users. This emoji is not commonly used on any particular social media platform, but is most likely to be seen on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

This emoji is not considered to be rude or offensive in any way. It is generally used to represent strength, stability, and reliability.

The history of this emoji is relatively short. It was first introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0, and was intended to represent a solid shape. Since then, it has been used to represent strength, stability, and reliability. It is also sometimes used to represent a checkmark or a completed task.

Alias: white_square_button
Category: Symbols
Hex: 1f533
White square button White square button