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This emoji represents a mysterious and alluring creature with a thirst for life, both figuratively and literally.

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You suck

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I'd rather go out at night

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When shes dropping those flirty vibes and wants to get freaky

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The emoji is a depiction of a vampire, a mythical creature often associated with horror and the supernatural, with pale skin, sharp fangs, and a dark cape, often shown with a sinister expression and red eyes, representing a bloodthirsty and immortal being that feeds on the blood of humans to survive. Read more

When sent on social media, this emoji can have various meanings depending on the context. It can be used to represent a love for vampires, Halloween, or the horror genre in general. It can also be used to express a desire for something or someone, as vampires are often portrayed as seductive and alluring creatures. Additionally, it can be used to convey a sense of danger or mischief.

The popularity of this emoji varies depending on the platform and region. According to Emojipedia, it was first introduced in 2017 and has since been used on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is also commonly used in text messaging and online forums.

While there is no specific age group that is most likely to use this emoji, it is often popular among teenagers and young adults who are fans of the horror genre and vampire-themed media.

This emoji is not considered rude, but it can be seen as slightly menacing or mischievous depending on the context in which it is used.

The history of this emoji can be traced back to the Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for standardizing emojis. It was added to the Unicode Standard in 2017 as part of the Unicode 10.0 update. The design of the vampire emoji varies slightly across different platforms, with some versions featuring a more traditional vampire with a cape and others depicting a more modern, stylish vampire.

In conclusion, the vampire emoji is a popular and versatile symbol that can represent different things depending on the context. It is commonly used by people of all ages on various social media platforms and is not considered rude. Its history can be traced back to the Unicode Consortium and it has been a part of the Unicode Standard since 2017.

Alias: vampire
Category: People & Body
Hex: 1f9db
Vampire Vampire