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Umbrella with rain drops

This emoji is a rain cloud, suggesting rain or a rainy day. Read more

It is a popular emoji, particularly among younger users, and is most commonly used on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is not considered rude, but rather is often used to express feelings of sadness or gloominess.

The history of this emoji can be traced back to 2010, when it was first included in the Unicode 6.0 standard. It was then adopted by various platforms and became widely used by 2013. Since then, the popularity of this emoji has grown steadily, with it now being one of the most commonly used emojis. It is often used to express sadness, gloominess, or to simply indicate that it is raining outside. It can also be used to express a feeling of being overwhelmed or to express a sense of foreboding.

Alias: umbrella
Category: Travel & Places
Tags: rain, weather
Hex: 2614
Umbrella with rain drops Umbrella with rain drops