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This emoji is a turkey, a large bird native to North America. It is a popular symbol of Thanksgiving, a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada. Read more

This emoji is most commonly used around the Thanksgiving holiday, usually to express gratitude or to wish someone a happy Thanksgiving. It is popular among all age groups, but is especially popular among those who celebrate Thanksgiving. This emoji is most commonly used on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is not considered a rude emoji and is often used in a friendly and lighthearted manner.

The history of this emoji dates back to the 1800s when the turkey was first established as a symbol of Thanksgiving. It has since become a popular symbol of the holiday, and its use in emoji form has become increasingly popular over the past decade. The turkey emoji is now widely used to express gratitude and to wish someone a happy Thanksgiving.

Alias: turkey
Category: Animals & Nature
Tags: thanksgiving
Hex: 1f983
Turkey Turkey