1 hidden meaning for ⛅

This emoji represents a fleeting moment of clarity amidst a storm of confusion and chaos, reminding us to always seek the silver lining in every situation.

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Sun behind cloud

The emoji shows a sun partially hidden behind a white fluffy cloud, representing a partly cloudy or overcast day with some sunshine peeking through. Read more

It can also symbolize a mix of good and bad or happy and sad emotions.

According to Emojipedia, the ⛅ emoji was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and has since become a popular choice on social media platforms. It is currently ranked as the 61st most popular emoji on Emojitracker, a website that tracks emoji usage on Twitter.

The age group most likely to use this emoji would likely be younger generations, such as millennials and Gen Z, who are more active on social media and use emojis frequently in their communication.

This emoji is commonly used on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is often used in weather-related posts, expressing the current weather conditions or a prediction for the day. It can also be used in a playful or sarcastic manner, such as when someone is feeling a mix of emotions or when something good and bad happens at the same time.

This emoji is not considered rude or offensive, and its meaning is generally well-known and accepted. However, as with any emoji, the context and tone of the conversation can change its interpretation.

The history of this emoji can be traced back to the Japanese weather symbol for "cloud with sun," which was used in weather forecasts in the 1960s. It was later included in the Unicode Standard in 2009 and has been widely adopted and used since then.

In conclusion, the ⛅ emoji represents a partly cloudy or overcast day and can also convey a mix of emotions. It is popular among younger generations and is commonly used on social media platforms, particularly in weather-related posts. Its meaning is generally well-known and it is not considered rude or offensive.

Alias: partly_sunny
Category: Travel & Places
Tags: cloud, weather
Hex: 26c5
Sun behind cloud Sun behind cloud