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Six o’clock


This emoji is a clock face showing the time of 5:30. Read more

It can be used to indicate that something is due at 5:30, or that something is happening at 5:30. It can also be used to indicate that it is 5:30 in the evening, or to indicate that something is taking a long time.

This emoji is not particularly popular, but it is used by people of all ages. It is most commonly used on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is not considered a rude emoji, as it is simply used to indicate the time.

The history of this emoji dates back to the late 1990s, when it was first included in the Unicode Standard. Since then, it has been used in various messaging platforms and social media networks. It has also been used in various other contexts, such as in video games and online chatrooms. In recent years, it has become more widely used as an indicator of time, especially in the context of deadlines and events.

Alias: clock6
Category: Travel & Places
Hex: 1f555
Six o’clock Six o’clock