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⛔ Stop right there

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The 🚫 emoji represents a boundary between two worlds, a reminder to tread carefully and respect the limits set by those who came before us.

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No entry

The emoji is a red and white octagonal sign with a diagonal line crossing through it, indicating that entry is prohibited or not allowed in a particular area or situation. Read more

It is commonly used to convey the message of "stop" or "do not enter" in a visual and universal way.

The popularity of this emoji is quite high, as it is ranked as the 13th most used emoji on Twitter and the 15th most used emoji on Instagram. It is also commonly used on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

The age group most likely to use this emoji would be teenagers and young adults, as they are more active on social media and tend to use emojis more frequently in their communication.

This emoji is most commonly used on social media platforms to indicate that a person is not allowed to enter a certain place or participate in a particular activity. It can also be used to express a warning or to signify that something is off-limits.

In terms of its rudeness, the context in which this emoji is used can determine whether it is considered rude or not. In general, it is not considered a rude emoji as it is used to convey a clear and direct message.

The history of this emoji dates back to the 1990s when it was first introduced by Japanese mobile phone companies. It was initially used in Japan to indicate a no-smoking area, but its meaning has evolved over time to represent a wider range of restrictions and prohibitions. In 2010, it was included in the Unicode Standard and has since become a popular and widely used emoji across different platforms and cultures.

In conclusion, the ⛔ no entry emoji is a widely recognized symbol for "stop" or "do not enter" and is commonly used on social media to convey this message. Its popularity and usage are likely to continue to increase as more people use emojis to communicate on social media platforms.

Alias: no_entry
Category: Symbols
Tags: limit
Hex: 26d4
No entry No entry