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Russian dolls

Submitted by Leann on 10/09/22

Nesting dolls


This emoji is a pinwheel, a traditional toy made of paper or plastic that spins in the wind. Read more

This emoji is used to express joy, excitement, or a sense of fun. It is quite popular and is used by people of all ages, though it is most commonly used by younger generations. This emoji is most commonly used on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It is not considered a rude emoji.

The history of this emoji dates back to the 18th century, when pinwheels were first invented in France. They were made of paper and were used as decorations for festivals and other celebrations. Since then, pinwheels have become a popular toy for children, and the emoji has become a popular way of expressing joy and excitement.

Alias: nesting_dolls
Category: Activities
Hex: 1fa86
Nesting dolls Nesting dolls