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This emoji is a Mammoth, a species of extinct elephant that lived during the Ice Age. Read more

The ? emoji is a relatively new emoji, having been added to the Unicode Standard in 2019. It is not very popular yet and is not widely used on social media. It is most likely to be used by younger generations, particularly those who are familiar with the Ice Age films.

This emoji is most commonly used on Twitter and Instagram, as well as other social media platforms. It is not considered to be a rude emoji, but rather a playful one that is used to express surprise or to make a joke.

The history of this emoji is closely linked to the Ice Age films, which first came out in 2002. The films featured a woolly mammoth character named Manny, who was voiced by Ray Romano. The character proved to be popular with viewers and the films spawned several sequels and spin-offs. The ? emoji was added to the Unicode Standard in 2019, likely in reference to the films.

Alias: mammoth
Category: Animals & Nature
Hex: 1f9a3
Mammoth Mammoth