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i didn't mean that

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This emoji represents a person who is constantly looking back at their past mistakes and regrets, unable to move forward and let go.

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Last track button


The ⏮️ last track button is a small, arrow-shaped symbol that is typically found on electronic devices such as music players or streaming services, and is used to go back to the previous song or track that was played. Read more

When sent on social media, this emoji can convey a sense of nostalgia or the desire to revisit a previous moment or memory.

According to Emojipedia, the ⏮️ last track button emoji was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and has since been widely adopted by various platforms. It is currently ranked as the 1,011th most popular emoji on Emojipedia, indicating that it is not as commonly used as other emojis.

It is difficult to determine a specific age group that is most likely to use this emoji, as it can be used by anyone who listens to music or uses electronic devices. However, it may be more popular among older generations who are more familiar with traditional music players and their controls.

This emoji is most commonly used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, where users may share their favorite songs or playlists with friends. It can also be used in conversations about music or reminiscing about past experiences.

The ⏮️ last track button emoji is not considered rude or offensive in any way. It is a simple and neutral symbol that is used to represent a specific function on electronic devices. However, as with any emoji, its meaning can be influenced by the context in which it is used.

The history of this emoji can be traced back to the early days of music players, when physical buttons were used to control the playback of songs. As technology advanced and digital music became more popular, these buttons were replaced by virtual controls, including the ⏮️ last track button. The emoji was created to represent this function and has remained a popular symbol for going back to the previous song or track.

Alias: previous_track_button
Category: Symbols
Hex: 23ee
Last track button Last track button