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No escape from love

Submitted by Osha on 09/10/22

Heart with arrow


This emoji is a heart with an arrow through it, and is often used to express love and affection. Read more

It is a popular emoji and is used by people of all ages. It is most commonly used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It is not a rude emoji and is typically used in a positive way.

The heart with an arrow emoji was first introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0. It was designed to represent love and affection and is one of the most popular emoji used on social media today. The emoji is often used to express romantic love, appreciation, and admiration for someone or something. It is also used to express gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for a friend or family member. Additionally, it is often used to express appreciation for a job well done or a special moment shared with someone.

Alias: cupid
Category: Faces & Emotion
Tags: heart, love
Hex: 1f498
Heart with arrow Heart with arrow