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This emoji is a hammer, a tool used for pounding or driving nails into a surface. Read more

This emoji is often used to indicate strength or hard work, or to refer to manual labor. It is also sometimes used to indicate a job well done or to express appreciation for a task completed. It is a popular emoji and is used by people of all ages, but is most commonly used by younger generations.

This emoji is most commonly used on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is not considered a rude emoji, but rather a positive one that conveys strength and hard work.

The history of this emoji dates back to 2010, when it was added to the Unicode Standard. It was originally designed to represent a hammer, but has since come to be used to represent manual labor and strength. It is one of the oldest emojis still in use today.

Alias: hammer
Category: Objects
Tags: tool
Hex: 1f528
Hammer Hammer