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Floppy disk


This emoji is a floppy disk, which was once used to store data. Read more

This emoji typically means "save" or "store" when sent on social media. It is not as popular as some other emojis, but it is still used by many people. It is most commonly used by people in the 20-30 age range. This emoji is most commonly used on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It is not a rude emoji.

The history of this emoji dates back to the 1980s, when floppy disks were first used to store data. Floppy disks were popular for many years, until they were eventually replaced by CDs, DVDs, and USB drives. The floppy disk emoji was added to the Unicode Standard in 2010, and it is still used today to represent data storage and saving.

Alias: floppy_disk
Category: Objects
Tags: save
Hex: 1f4be
Floppy disk Floppy disk