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When someone says something stupid

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This emoji represents the inner turmoil and chaos of a clown, hiding behind a mask of laughter and entertainment.

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Clown face


The emoji is a yellow face with a red nose, white face paint, and a big red smile, representing a clown or jester character often associated with entertainment, humor, and mischief. Read more

It can be used to convey a sense of playfulness, silliness, or sarcasm.

The popularity of this emoji varies depending on the platform and audience. It is commonly used on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage. According to Emojipedia, it was the 12th most popular emoji on Twitter in 2020.

The age group most likely to use this emoji is younger generations, particularly teenagers and young adults. It is often used in memes, jokes, and playful conversations among friends.

The history of this emoji dates back to 2015 when it was approved as part of Unicode 8.0. It was originally designed by Google as a more traditional circus clown with a white face and red nose. However, after facing criticism for its potentially offensive depiction of clowns, it was updated in 2016 to have a more cartoon-like appearance with a yellow face and white face paint.

While this emoji is generally not considered rude, it can be used in a sarcastic or mocking manner. Some people may also associate it with the negative connotations of clowns, such as fear or creepiness. However, its usage is primarily meant to be lighthearted and humorous.

In recent years, the clown emoji has also been associated with the "clown craze" trend, where people would dress up as clowns and scare or prank others. This trend gained widespread attention in 2016 and has since died down, but it may still be referenced when using this emoji.

Overall, the clown face emoji is a fun and playful addition to online communication, often used to add humor and playfulness to messages. Its popularity and usage may continue to evolve as new trends and cultural references emerge.

Alias: clown_face
Category: Faces & Emotion
Hex: 1f921
Clown face Clown face