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Card index


This emoji is a card index, which is a type of filing system used to store and organize information. Read more

It is often used to represent filing, paperwork, or bureaucracy.

This emoji is not particularly popular, and is most commonly used by older age groups. It is not commonly used on social media platforms, but can be found on Twitter, Reddit, and other forums. This emoji is not considered rude or offensive, but can be used in a sarcastic way to express frustration with bureaucracy or paperwork.

The history of the card index emoji dates back to the Victorian era, when card indexes were first used to organize information. The card index was a popular filing system used by libraries, government offices, and businesses to store and organize information. It was also used in the early days of computing for data storage. With the rise of the internet, card indexes became less popular, but the emoji remains a reminder of its legacy.

Alias: card_index
Category: Objects
Hex: 1f4c7
Card index Card index