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Ticking time bomb

Submitted by Shaquila on 08/06/22



This emoji is a bomb, usually used to express danger or an explosive situation. Read more

It is a fairly popular emoji, and is used by all age groups. It is most commonly used on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. This emoji is not necessarily rude, but can be used to express anger or frustration.

The bomb emoji has been around since 2010, when it was added to the Unicode Standard. It was originally designed to represent a bomb, but over time, it has come to be used in a variety of contexts. It is often used to express excitement, danger, or an explosive situation. It is also used to represent a challenge or a difficult task. Additionally, it can be used to express anger, frustration, or even shock.

Alias: bomb
Category: Faces & Emotion
Tags: boom
Hex: 1f4a3
Bomb Bomb