1 hidden meaning for ๐Ÿšก

Cable car or gondola

Submitted by Carla on 20/07/23

Aerial tramway


This emoji is a cable car, which is a type of public transportation that runs on cables and is usually used to transport people up and down steep hills. Read more

This emoji is not particularly popular and is not used frequently on social media. It is most likely used by adults, as cable cars are not typically associated with children. This emoji is not typically used on any specific social media platform, but is more likely to be found on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. It is not a rude emoji and is usually used to convey a sense of adventure or to show appreciation for a scenic view.

The history of this emoji dates back to the late 19th century, when cable cars were first introduced in San Francisco, California. Since then, cable cars have become a popular mode of transportation in many cities around the world, including London and Hong Kong. The cable car emoji was first added to the Unicode Standard in 2010, and has been used to represent cable cars ever since.

Alias: aerial_tramway
Category: Travel & Places
Hex: 1f6a1
Aerial tramway Aerial tramway