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Band aid

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Adhesive bandage

This emoji is a medical symbol and represents a stethoscope. It is often used to represent healthcare and medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses. Read more

This emoji is not particularly popular and is not used as often as other emojis. It is more likely to be used by people in the medical field, such as doctors, nurses, and medical students, or by people who are interested in health and medicine.

This emoji is most commonly used on Twitter and Instagram, as well as other social media platforms. It is not considered to be a rude emoji and is generally used in a positive or neutral context.

The history of this emoji is quite recent. It was first introduced in 2019 as part of the Unicode 12.0 update. Before this, the closest representation of a stethoscope was a red cross, which is still used in some contexts. The stethoscope emoji is a way to represent healthcare and medical professionals in a more accurate and specific way.

Alias: adhesive_bandage
Category: Objects
Hex: 1fa79
Adhesive bandage Adhesive bandage